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Internet Marketing & Design

Keeping up with internet changes is daunting, but probably not a full-time job for you.
We can supply days, or even a few hours, each month to keep your internet presence making money for your business.

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Print Design & Production

Marketing today is actually more complicated than past years. Your business still needs printed literature designed and executed economically and on-time. Our years of experience can supply this even on one-off projects.



when you need them

what we offer your business

Creative Ideas

We know what will work and where not to waste your money

Global Presence

We have extensive experience in both the EU and the Russian Federation, besides the U.S.

Client Support

Your consultant is your contact & available to you 24/7 - if your needs are outside our expertise we involve our associates

Our Strengths

Hospitality Customer Service, Internet/Website Design & Marketing, Print Production

Reasonable Rates

If you can't make money utilizing our services we are not doing our job efficiently

Outside Help

Our relationships are worldwide - and available when you need them



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